Ice cream cone

Premium quality guarantee.
Present on the Polish market since 1983.

We provide joy

Our goal is to make the seemingly ordinary moments, such as meetings accompanied by delicious ice cream desserts, that much more enjoyable. Get to know us better.

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We care for quality

We take notice of the changing trends and try to fit in. We use only the best ingredients from trusted sources in the production of our cones.

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Popular products

Rożek włoski 35

Italian cone

Art nr. 35


Diameter (mm) 49

Height (mm) 126

Quantity (pcs./ctn.) 546

Rożek King 33

King cone

Art nr. 33


Diameter (mm) 52/45

Height (mm) 124

Quantity (pcs./ctn.) 615

Kubek King 34

King cup

Art nr. 34


Diameter (mm) 62/51

Height (mm) 100

Quantity (pcs./ctn.) 300

Rożek mały Sicilia 02

Li'l Sicily cone

Art nr. 02


Diameter (mm) 45

Height (mm) 112

Quantity (pcs./ctn.) 546

Stożek mały 06A

Small cone

Art nr. 06A


Diameter (mm) 50

Height (mm) 120

Quantity (pcs./ctn.) 378

Rożek deserowy mini 30

Mini sugar cone

Art nr. 30

Sugar cones

Diameter (mm) 50

Height (mm) 135

Quantity (pcs./ctn.) 336

Rożek deserowy mały 31

Small sugar cone

Art nr. 31

Sugar cones

Diameter (mm) 55

Height (mm) 140

Quantity (pcs./ctn.) 320

Rożek deserowy 14

Regular sugar cone

Art nr. 14

Sugar cones

Diameter (mm) 60

Height (mm) 150

Quantity (pcs./ctn.) 272

Rożek deserowy średni 15

Medium sugar cone

Art nr. 15

Sugar cones

Diameter (mm) 70

Height (mm) 175

Quantity (pcs./ctn.) 256

Rożek deserowy gigant 16

Giant sugar cone

Art nr. 16

Sugar cones

Diameter (mm) 100

Height (mm) 170

Quantity (pcs./ctn.) 225

Wafle ZOO 21Z

ZOO wafer

Art nr. 21Z

Decorative wafers

Height (mm) 93

Quantity (pcs./ctn.) 1 kg

Wachlarz falisty 20

Wavy fan

Art nr. 20

Decorative wafers

Height (mm) 95

Quantity (pcs./ctn.) 1 kg

Wafle serduszka 19

Heart-shaped wafer

Art nr. 19

Decorative wafers

Height (mm) 77

Quantity (pcs./ctn.) 1 kg

Wafle misie 21M

Bear-shaped wafer

Art nr. 21M

Decorative wafers

Height (mm) 93

Quantity (pcs./ctn.) 1 kg

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our products

See our whole assortment of modern ice cream cones and pick the right one for you.

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Premium quality

The Madren brand represents the best class of goods. We have been attaching a great deal of importance to the meticulous quality control of our cones for years. Many years of experience allowed us to get to know our customers’ needs perfectly and helped to create the technology with which we are able to create products that stand out on the market.

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Present on
the Polish market since 1983.

Our goal is to provide joy through seemingly ordinary moments. Ice cream is often the remembrance of childhood, favourite flavours, and nice moments. Crispy wafers are an inseparable element of every ice cream dessert. Our products are known for their tried and tested taste and the best quality.

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Cones, but not only...


To produce our cones, we use state-of-the-art baking machines that allow us to achieve the best results. The embossing method lets us create classic cones with a modern design.

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Ice cream

Order everything in one place! We offer traditional ice cream powder for gelato and swirl cones in several flavours made with natural Polish ingredients.

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Sweet and crispy go with every dessert regardless of the occasion, and can also be a great addition to a coffee or a standalone snack.

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Save yourself some time! The Madren brand waffles are quick and easy to prepare. Simply add some water and oil to obtain a crunchy waffle after baking.

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An ice cream manufacturer. Why working with us is worth your while?

Meet Madren and find out how we operate. Learn how for 45 years have we been building our brand and gaining the trust of our customers.


Sugar cones – bestseller of the past few years

Sugar cones have been capturing the hearts of dessert fans for years. No wonder, as their taste will win over even the most demanding of clients. Learn more about them.


Customer reviews

Top-notch service

A professional customer approach, with help on every step with express service and product quality of the highest degree. All this results in our long-term partnership.



This partnership has been a pleasure so far

The company Madren is our ice cream cone supplier and working with them has truly been a pleasure. We have been ordering cones for years now and we highly recommend them. Always on time, superb contact with the company, as well as the service. When problems occur (which are few and far between) they are always swiftly resolved. We are confident, that our further cooperation will be equally as fruitful.

Anna Lewandowska

Grade A teamwork

A company, that is worthy of recommendation. High-quality produce, and an amazing, reliable crew. 5/5

Filip Mikołaj

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