Dessert toppings and accessories

How to make your ice cream desserts even more awe-inspiring? Explore our wide range of tasty and proven additives.

Ice cream topping sauces

Dessert sauces are a wonderful addition to ice cream, desserts, pancakes and waffles. The sauces are fruit-based and do not contain artificial dyes.

Fruits in gel

Fruits covered in gel are based on natural ingredients and contain up to 65% of pure fruit. The are not artificially dyed or flavoured.

fruits in gel

Decorative sprinkles

Create the perfect dessert. Give way to your fantasy and offer both small and big gourmands a proper feast for their eyes thanks to the colourful decorative sprinkles.

Hardening glazes

Want to form a thin, crispy layer of chocolate on top of ice cream? Try out our hardening glazes that provide an additional taste for your customers.

Ice cream accessories

Let us fully cooperate. We can help you equip your ice cream parlour with the most important of accessories: ice cream scoops, spoons, shake straws, siphons with cartridges, paper ice cream cups, and napkins with everything being of the highest grade.

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