Guarantee of Quality
Ice cream powder

Ice cream powder is made of high quality natural Polish components such as whole milk, powdered or crystal sugar. Stabilizing and emulsifying additives are usually of Italian, Danish production which provide high efficiency and stability of the product in time.

Our ice cream powders are perfect for every type of ice cream machines, as well as for industrial production of ice cream (the so-called deep freezing).

We offer a wealth of flavour, traditional recipe and the highest quality!

Soft ice cream powder (dosing: 1kg ÷ 2l water)

The classic combinations of flavour:

  • cream,
  • cream superb (with extra whole milk),
  • vanilla,
  • chocolate.

Fruit flavored compositions:

  • strawberry,
  • raspberry,
  • cherry,
  • blueberry,
  • green pear,
  • green apple,
  • banana,
  • lemon,
  • peach.

Other compositions of flavours:

  • advocate,
  • toffee,
  • cappuccino,
  • blue rapsody.

Twisted” ice cream powder (dosing: 1 kg ÷ 2.5l water):

  • cream,
  • chocolate,
  • cream-caramel,
  • strawberry.

In one box there are five bags weighing 2 kg (which gives 10kg per one box).